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Life Hacks For Teens: 10 Life Hacks You Absolutely Need To Master To Achieve Your Goals In Life (Adulting Book 1) by Jerrell Mccain 3.6 4 Feb 2
Sleep Smarter: Evening Habits And Sleeping Tips To Get More Energized, Productive And Healthy The Next Day (Good Habits Book 3) by Zoe McKey 3.9 113 Feb 2
Social Skills - Social Fluency: Genuine Social Habits to Work a Room, Own a Conversation, and be Instantly Likeable...Even Introverts! (Communication Skills, Small Talk, People Skills Mastery by Patrick King 4.3 392 Feb 2
Study Hacks: Effective Study Hacks to Help Save Time (Learn From the Best to Get Amazing Grades in Less Time) by Arlene Burns 0.0 0 Feb 2
Genuine Power: 7 Techniques to Be Powerful in a Loud, Complicated World (Soul Boss Series Book 1) by Michelle Mains 4.1 19 Feb 2
BECOME AN UNCAGED TRAILBLAZER: Learn How To Release Your Primal Success In 15 Minutes A Day: Volume 1 by S A Grant and Alex Simpson 4.2 30 Feb 2
Focus Forward: How to Focus Your Mind to Rid Yourself of Distractions, Maximize Your Time, and Achieve More by Justin Byers 4.0 117 Feb 2
Help Me Get a Job: How to Get a Job with No Experience, No Degree or after Being Fired by Clement Harrison 3.5 11 Feb 2
Victory At All Costs: An Exhortation On What Success Demands by A.P. Hovsepian 5.0 10 Feb 2
Passive Income: Top Passive Income Ideas for the Motivated who want Financial Freedom and Make Money while sleeping by George Pain 3.4 14 Feb 2
Purpose-driven Organizations: Management Ideas for a Better World (Open Access) by Carlos Rey, Miquel Bastons 4.5 27 Feb 2
Attention Management Extended Excerpt: Breaking the Time Management Myth for Unrivaled Productivity (Ignite Reads Book 0) by Maura Thomas 4.1 67 Feb 2
The role of the manager by The Open University 3.9 46 Feb 2
How to Motivate Employees: Strategies and Techniques for Motivating Employees and Staff for Greater Employee Engagement by Cliff Mauer 3.4 12 Feb 2
Moral Reasoning at Work: Rethinking Ethics in Organizations by Øyvind Kvalnes 4.1 18 Feb 2
10 Power Tips for Getting Focused, Organized, and Achieving Your Goals Now by Anne Bachrach 4.3 22 Feb 2
Productivity Hacks Unleashed - Brilliant Life Hacks To Increase Productivity, Improve Time Management, Save Money And Live A Better Life (Life Hacks, Productivity Hacks Book 1) by Alex Wild 3.9 29 Feb 2
Productivity: How to Maximize Your Productivity and Effectiveness (Your Method to Supercharge Productivity & Reach Your Goals) by Luther Menzel 4.5 2 Feb 2
Artificial Intelligence for a Better Future: An Ecosystem Perspective on the Ethics of AI and Emerging Digital Technologies (SpringerBriefs in Research and Innovation Governance) by Bernd Carsten Stahl 4.4 3 Feb 2
Crypto Investing Guide: Discovering Cryptocurrency, Defi and Trading for Beginners by Ken Nakatani 5.0 3 Feb 2
To-Do-List Supercharged: The ultimate guide to enhancing your productivity (Growing into Success and Happiness Book 4) by Katie Stone 4.0 85 Feb 2
Kitchen Table Businesses (FREE TASTER): Starting a craft, food, fashion or gardening company from home by Emma Jones 3.9 152 Feb 2
Productivity Tools for Writers: An introduction to free and low-cost programs that help you organize, prioritize, and focus by Gwen Hernandez 3.9 106 Feb 2
Law, Technology and Dispute Resolution: The Privatisation of Coercion (Law, Science and Society) by Riikka Koulu 4.6 28 Feb 2
Leading Transformative Change Collectively: A Practitioner Guide to Realizing the SDGs by Petra Kuenkel, Elisabeth Kuhn 4.4 24 Feb 2
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The role of the manager by The Open University
Avg 3.9 of 46 ratings - Last Verified Feb 2
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Avg 5.0 of 3 ratings - Last Verified Feb 2
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