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Retirement Wreckers: A Must-Have Guide to Navigating and Living a Successful Retirement by John J. Sastry 5.0 5 Mar 25
Financial Literacy for Young Families: The Basics by The Proactive Team 5.0 2 Mar 25
Story-Driven Decks: 3x your chances of getting the next meeting by creating a deck that tells a fantastic story (Story-Driven Startups Foundation Book 2) by Jarie Bolander and Stephane Nasser 5.0 5 Mar 21
Becoming a Click Magnet: A Content Creation Guide for Small Businesses by Kate Williams , Nathan-Jay Collantes 5.0 1 Mar 21
Mastering the Art of Sales: How to Be Successful in a Volatile Market by Samuel Buckiewicz 5.0 1 Mar 21
The ultimate AI automated sideline: Introduction Easy to understand Beginners Uncovered Employees Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Chat Usage Future ... Innovation Pro Series (Japanes by Koji Omori AI engineer and business consultant 5.0 1 Mar 21
2023 update Super-introduction to a side business making money with AI 7 steps to get started for those who are struggling: Illustrated Easy to understand ... Chat Usage Future dx (Japanese E by satonaoto 5.0 1 Mar 21
Project Management for Managers : Programme and Project Portfolio Management in Banking by Lukasz Dziewiecki 5.0 1 Mar 21
Unlocking Millions: The Ultimate Guide to Using and Investing with the HELOC by TYLER WEHRUNG 5.0 12 Mar 24
Stock investing made simple by Gitimu Kiiru 5.0 1 Mar 22
Investing Lessons Successes and Plunders Concise Edition by Tony Pow 5.0 2 Mar 23
Creating Sustainable Communities: Lessons from the Hudson River Region (Excelsior Editions) by Rik Scarce 5.0 2 May 25
Principles for Capital Allocation: Principles for Capital Allocation in Business Securities and Other Writings by Guillermo Estefani Monárrez 5.0 1 Mar 23
Stop Checking The Price: Lose money every time you look at the stock market? The simple investing strategy for beginners to pick winners by trading only 4 times a year! by J. F. Dodaro 5.0 4 Mar 25
Guide to the new NISA Only those who start will benefit Organize 3 profitable points A super easy explanation that you can understand in 10 minutes 2024 ... starting in 2023 (Japanese Edition by TK Book 5.0 4 Mar 23
Surviving & Thriving: Bitcoin, Blockchain & The Metaverse: Actionable Steps For Beginners To Enter The World Of Bitcoin, Blockchain & The Metaverse by Barry Moniês 5.0 20 Apr 21
17 ways to survive as a corporate employee using ChatGPT: Planning Planning Business improvement Businessman Career Career Issues Communication Introduction ... (side business project) (Japan by Hirofumi Iwasaki businessman and producer 5.0 1 Mar 24
Mujer sigue adelante: Frases motivadoras y llenas de inspiración sobre el éxito, los sueños, el amor propio de latinas para latinas, así que no te rindas (MENTALIDAD nº 5) (Spanish Edition) by Barbara Izquierdo and Daniel Altuve 5.0 4 Mar 25
eigyou de rakusitai nara ruto sales wo erabinasai: houjin muke no root sales wa konnani rakuna shigoto datta (asia kikou shuppan) (Japanese Edition) by taino nagaremono 5.0 1 Mar 24
Introvert Sales Survival Manual: How Quiet Salespeople Can Thrive in a Loud Profession by Red Stafstrom 5.0 5 Mar 25
Negotiations 101: Your Guide to Negotiation Styles, Tactics, and Techniques in Real Estate (The Finley-RE Field Manuals) by Kole Finley 5.0 1 Mar 25
Our First Lakehouse: What They Don't Show on TV by Wayne Spade 5.0 1 Mar 24
TRADING TO 2030 GUIDE TO THE BEST INVESTMENTS BASED ON TRENDS AND ETHICS: The Bible for those approaching the financial world to invest ethically. Enrich yourself by 2030. by Matthew M. Vilani and Emanuele Cerquiglini 5.0 1 Mar 25
The Virtual Bridge: How to Connect Remote Teams with Responsibility and Accountability by Ronald Beach 5.0 3 Mar 25
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Stock investing made simple by Gitimu Kiiru
Avg 5.0 of 1 ratings - Last Verified Mar 22
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