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Artificial Intelligence Business Applications: Artificial Intelligence Marketing and Sales Applications by Bob Mather 4.0 61 Sep 30
Unit Operations of Particulate Solids: Theory and Practice by Enrique Ortega-Rivas 4.3 3 Sep 13
GIS in Sustainable Urban Planning and Management: A Global Perspective by Martin van Maarseveen, Javier Martinez 4.8 31 Sep 11
The A-Z Beginner's Guide to the Food Truck Business: Build an Effective and Profitable Plan to Get Your Idea on the Road (Food Truck Business and Restaurants Book 1) by Chuck Street 5.0 87 Aug 11
Social and Political Issues on Sustainable Development in the Post Covid-19 Crisis: Proceedings of the International Conference on Social and Political ... 2021), Malang, Indonesia, 18-19 Jun by Oman Sukmana , Salahudin 5.0 1 Aug 6
TESLA: Inventions, Researches and Writings: Lectures, Studies, Articles on Experiments, Inventions, Patents & Letters with Autobiography by Nikola Tesla and Thomas Commerford Martin 4.1 6 Jun 26
Frame by Frame: A Materialist Aesthetics of Animated Cartoons by Hannah Frank, Daniel Morgan 4.3 34 Jun 8
Starter Guide for Food Truck Business: Key Elements to know, Business plan, Profitability and Strategies (Food Truck Business and Restaurants Book 2) by Chuck Street 0.0 0 May 5
Special Topics in Information Technology (PoliMI SpringerBriefs) by Barbara Pernici 4.5 4 May 5
Flexitranstore: Special Session in the 21st International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH 2019) (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Book 610) by Bálint Németh and Lambros Ekonomou 5.0 1 May 5
Optimization-Based Energy Management for Multi-energy Maritime Grids (Springer Series on Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding and Shipping Book 11) by Sidun Fang and Hongdong Wang 0.0 0 May 5
Fostering Transformative Change for Sustainability in the Context of Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS) by Maiko Nishi, Suneetha M. Subramanian 5.0 1 May 5
Managing the Complexity of Critical Infrastructures: A Modelling and Simulation Approach (Studies in Systems, Decision and Control Book 90) by Roberto Setola, Vittorio Rosato 4.8 8 May 5
Tesla's Legacy - Collected Works of the Visionary Inventor Who Changed the Future: 70+ Scientific Studies, Lectures & Articles (With Letters & Autobiography) by Nikola Tesla 4.6 21 May 5
The History of the Telephone by Herbert Newton Casson 4.2 35 May 5
Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla: Including Tesla's Autobiography by Thomas Commerford Martin and Nikola Tesla 4.7 566 May 5
Models, Methods and Tools for Product Service Design: The Manutelligence Project (PoliMI SpringerBriefs) by Laura Cattaneo and Sergio Terzi 4.8 9 May 4
iPhone 12, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max User Guide: The Complete Beginners and Seniors Manual to Master iPhone 12 and iOS 14 (Tech Explained) by Colombo Publishing Company 4.0 97 Nov 19
Automotive Repair Shop Mistakes by Eli Koorey 3.5 9 Nov 2
Empowering Civil Society in the Industrial Revolution 4.0: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Citizenship Education and Democratic Issues ... 2020), Malang, Indonesia, October by Sukowiyono, Siti Awaliyah 0.0 0 Nov 2
Development, Social Change and Environmental Sustainability: Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Sociology and Educational Transformation ... 2020), Malang, Indonesia, by Sumarmi, Nanda Harda Pratama Meiji 0.0 0 Oct 6
Two Robots by Mark Restaino and Afrianas Yoga 4.5 43 Sep 29
Community Empowerment through Research, Innovation and Open Access: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (ICHSS 2020), Malang, Indonesia, 28 Octob by Joko Sayono, Ahmad Taufiq 0.0 0 Sep 7
The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Volume 03Masterpieces of German Literature Translated into English. in Twenty Volumes by Various Authors and Kuno Francke 4.5 23 Sep 7
Risks & Deterrents in Construction Projects : For Customers, Contractors, Suppliers & Consultants…: For Customers, Contractors, Suppliers & Consultants... by Pawan Dua 4.8 6 Sep 7
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The History of the Telephone by Herbert Newton Casson
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Two Robots by Mark Restaino and Afrianas Yoga
Avg 4.5 of 43 ratings - Last Verified Sep 29