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Rapport d'information de la commission des affaires sociales sur la santé mentale et l'avenir de la psychiatrie (French Edition) by Assemblée nationale and Commission des affaires sociales 5.0 1 Aug 6
Practical Economics: Economic Transformation and Government Reform in Georgia 2004–2012 by Nika Gilauri 5.0 14 Aug 2
Co-creating Digital Public Services for an Ageing Society: Evidence for User-centric Design (Public Administration and Information Technology Book 6) by Juliane Jarke 5.0 1 Jul 31
Rapport d’information de la délégation aux outre-mer d'activité fait au nom de la Délégation aux outre-mer (juillet 2012 - décembre 2013) (French Edition) by Assemblée nationale and Commission des affaires européennes 5.0 1 Jul 31
Das technische Phänomen "Künstliche Intelligenz" im allgemeinen Zivilrecht: Eine kritische Betrachtung im Lichte von Autonomie, Determinismus und Vorhersehbarkeit ... 47) (German Edition) by Roman Konertz and Raoul Schönhof 5.0 1 Jul 31
Risikoadaptierte Prävention: Governance Perspective für Leistungsansprüche bei genetischen (Brustkrebs-)Risiken (essentials) (German Edition) by Friedhelm Meier, Anke Harney 5.0 1 Jun 12
Covid 19:Impact on Financial Reporting by Santosh Maller 5.0 2 Aug 14
Taxmann's Statutory Guide for NBFCs – Comprehensive Coverage of Updated, Amended & Annotated text of Laws relating to NBFCs incl., Master Directions, Notifications, RBI Guidelines, etc. – Sam by Taxmann 5.0 1 May 14
Taxmann's Law Relating to Income-tax Settlement Commission [Chapter XIX-A of Income-tax Act, 1961] | 2021 Edition - Sample Read by G.C Das and Jayant G Pendse 5.0 1 May 14
Taxmann’s Section 56(2)(x) – A Treatise – Your Complete Guide on the Provisions of Section 56(2)(x) | October 2020 Edition-Sample Read by The Chamber of Tax Consultants 5.0 4 May 14
Taxmann’s Law Relating To Assessment in Search Cases – Complete Guidance on Journey of the Assessment Proceedings starting from Issue of Warrant till the Levy of Penalty - Sample Read by G.C. Das and K.Chandrahas 5.0 2 May 14
Recent Developments in Taxation of Charitable & Religious Organisations by Taxmann 5.0 3 Aug 14
Gemeinwohl durch Wettbewerb?: Berichte und Diskussionen auf der Tagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer in Graz vom 7. bis 10. Oktober ... Staatsrechtslehrer 69) (German Editi by Anne Peters , Thomas Giegerich 5.0 1 Aug 14
Al-Haq: A Global History of the First Palestinian Human Rights Organization (New Directions in Palestinian Studies Book 2) by Lynn Welchman 5.0 1 Aug 12
Rapport de la Commission de réflexion et de propositions ad hoc sur le droit et les libertés à l'âge du numérique : un noouvel âge démocratique (French Edition) by Assemblée nationale, Christian Paul 5.0 1 Jun 16
Crimes and Punishments: Including a New Translation of Beccaria's 'Dei Delitti e delle Pene' by James Anson Farrer 5.0 1 Apr 19
Populists and the Pandemic: How Populists Around the World Responded to COVID-19 (Routledge Studies in Extremism and Democracy) by Nils Ringe and Lucio Rennó 5.0 1 Aug 15
Taxmann’s Corporate Social Responsibility Law & Practice – Comprehensive Analysis of CSR Provisions with Illustrations, Compliance Requirements, Accounting & Income-tax Aspects, etc. – Sample by Rajesh S. Kadakia 5.0 1 May 14
Debating European Citizenship (IMISCOE Research Series) by Bauböck and Rainer Bauböck 5.0 5 Aug 12
Combatting Illicit Trade on the EU Border: A Comparative Perspective by Celina Nowak 5.0 1 Aug 12
Subsidiaritätsgrundsatz und Tatsachenfeststellung unter der Europäischen Menschenrechtskonvention: Analyse der Rechtsprechung zu Art. 3 EMRK (Beiträge ... Recht und Völkerrecht 283) (German E by Arthur Brunner 5.0 1 Jul 6
Diferencias entre las reglas de exclusión probatoria colombiana e internacional penal. Análisis en tres casos de injerencias en comunicaciones privadas (Spanish Edition) by Joel M. F. Ramírez Mendoza 5.0 1 Jul 29
Rapport d'information sur la mise en oeuvre de la convention de Hong Kong relative au recyclage des navires (French Edition) by Assemblée nationale and Commission des affaires européennes 5.0 1 Aug 17
Science, Information, and Policy Interface for Effective Coastal and Ocean Management by Bertrum H. MacDonald, Suzuette S. Soomai 5.0 2 Aug 17
The Principle of Effective Legal Protection in Administrative Law: A European Perspective by Zoltán Szente and Konrad Lachmayer 5.0 7 Jul 6
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