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The Ruined Maiden by AD Winter and Leonora Bulbeck 3.5 2 Feb 6
Fabulous Family Paradise: Taboo Explicit Filthy Arousing Hottest Adult Erotic Stories: Rough Daddy, Cheating Hotwife, First Time, BDSM, Reverse Harem, MILF, Lesbian, Shared, Group Fantasy, Ag by Emily Jimenez 0.0 0 Feb 6
Daddy Forced His Babygirl – Scorching Naughty Taboo Dirty Explicit Hot Erotic Stories: Reverse Harem, Virgin, Soft Dominant, College, Group Swinger, BDSM, Old Man, Romance, Swap, Shared by Mark C. Roberson 0.0 0 Feb 6
Forced & Milked Inside — Steamy Taboo Adult Hottest Erotic Stories Collection for Women: Hot MMF, Dominant, Dark Daddy, Fantasy, Cheating Wife, BDSM, MILF, Lesbian, First Time, Harem by Regina Galvez 0.0 0 Feb 6
Butt Lovin' Unicorn by Stix Hiscock 4.0 7 Feb 6
More Then Daddy — Deep And Perverse Dreams Comes True Taboo Erotic Stories: Rough, Virgin First Time, Romance, Dominant, Used, BDSM, Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Ebony, Alphas, Affair, Filled, Age by Kerri M. Cadla 0.0 0 Feb 6
Stolen Valor : A military forbidden love, standalone romance (The Johnson Family Book 7) by Holly J. Martin 4.7 54 Feb 6
Daddy’s Fertile Brat Forced & Milked – Taboo Family First Time Sexual Awaking Erotic Stories: Rough, Dark Romance, BDSM, Used, Shared Alpha, Old Man, Ebony, DDLG, Reverse Harem, Fantasy, MMF by Dorothy E. Gagnon 0.0 0 Feb 6
A Mixed Tropical Love Lust: (Transgender Short Story) by Leslie Lillyth 0.0 0 Feb 6
After The Taboo Affair – Explicit Filthy Rough Adult Erotic Forbidden Stories Book: Cheating Women, Hot Alphas, Daddy Dom, Harem, First Time, BDSM, Group Swingers, Ebony, MILF, College, Old M by Eric G. Hartman 0.0 0 Feb 6
BRUTAL DOCTOR’S SEX LESSON: Explicit Forbidden & Filthy Straight to Gay Erotic Short Stories For Adults: MM First Time, Daddy Dom, BDSM, MMM Menage, MMF Bisexual, Age Gap Old & Young, Dark Ro by JASPER CAVAZOS 4.0 1 Feb 6
Dirty Daddy's Taboo Lesson – Explicit Rough & Seductive Adult Fobidden Erotic Stories: First Time, Dominant, BDSM, Hot Brats, Harem, MMF, Used, Shared, Fantasy, College by Glenda Evans 0.0 0 Feb 6
Dark Domination: A Dark Romance (Bought By The Billionaire Book 1) by Everly Stone 4.2 972 Feb 6
STEPMOM'S HONEY: HORNY AND SEXY OLDER FERTILE WOMEN FORBIDDEN EROTIC SHORT SEX STORIES COLLECTION (Forcedly Filled, Son's Friend Group Erotica, Hardcore, Pregnancy Fantasy, Outdoor Romance An by Arella Pastrno 0.0 0 Feb 6
Daddy's Taboo Secrets — Age Gap Forbidden Family Affair Adult Erotic Stories for Women: Rough, First Time, Dominant, Shared, Cheating, Ebony, BDSM, Alphas, Reverse Harem, College, Fantasy, MM by Maura L. Albrecht 0.0 0 Feb 6
AROUSED & USED BY KINKY DOCTOR: XXX Steamy Erotica Short Sex Stories (Taboo Threesome Menage, Daddy Dom, Forbidden Age Gap, Older & Younger, Dirty Little Virgin Women, Filthy Family) by GRACIE HAUSER 0.0 0 Feb 6
Undercover Lover | Dark Romance | Taboo Love Story | Short Erotic Tales For Women | Adult Sex Stories: He's a private investigator hired to spy on her for all the wrong reasons by Clit Club 0.0 0 Feb 6
Put a Baby in Me, Professor! by Saylor Sweet 3.0 2 Feb 6
OVER THE COUCH Filthy Erotica Stories with Explicit Sex: Daddy Dom, Age Gap Pregnancy, Forbidden Taboo Family, Adult Menage (Erotic Rough Dark Romance, Reverse Harem Women, Naughty Box Set Bu by Paloma Pink 0.0 0 Feb 6
Sinful Night with Slutty Mom: Collection of Filthy MILF Explicit Taboo Dirty Adult Erotic Stories: Mature Women Young Men, Forbidden Fantasy, Lesbian, Cheating, Dark Romance, Affair, Threesom by Michael Simone 0.0 0 Feb 6
The Sleeping Lotus (Book 7): A Fantasy Erotica by Scottie Kaye 4.4 22 Feb 6
First Time With Filthy Mom: Mature MILF’s Taboo Fantasy Explicit Erotic Hot Stories: Dark Romance, Cheating Hotwife, Threesome, Lesbian, Used, Age Gap, Fantasy, Soft Dominant, BDSM by Michael Martinez 0.0 0 Feb 6
Renaissance: The Reincarnation Series, Book 5 by Kristal Dawn Harris 4.6 5 Feb 6
TIGHT AND INNOCENT: A Very Taboo Collection by Chastity Swallows 0.0 0 Feb 6
FORCED & FINISHED INSIDE BY NEIGHBOR: Smutty Steamy Sexy Stories & Naughty Erotic Romance for Women with Explicit Sex: Pregnancy, BDSM, Age Gap, Forbidden Family, Rough Daddies Dom, Wife Swap by JAZLYN FAGAN 0.0 0 Feb 6
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The Ruined Maiden by AD Winter and Leonora Bulbeck
Avg 3.5 of 2 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6
Butt Lovin' Unicorn by Stix Hiscock
Avg 4.0 of 7 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6
Avg 4.7 of 54 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6
Avg 0.0 of 0 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6
Avg 4.2 of 972 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6
Avg 3.0 of 2 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6
Avg 4.4 of 22 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6
Avg 4.6 of 5 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6
Avg 0.0 of 0 ratings - Last Verified Feb 6