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Flugblätter der Weißen Rose: Die Weiße Rose: Flugblätter von Hans und Sophie Scholl, Alexander Schmorell, Willi Graf, Christoph Probst, Dr. Kurt Huber (German Edition) by Die Weiße Rose 4.0 1 Feb 9
Strangers in a Strange Land: Occidentalist Publics and Orientalist Geographies in Nineteenth-Century Georgian Imaginaries (Cultural Revolutions: Russia in the Twentieth Century) by Paul Manning 5.0 1 Aug 15
Dictators and Autocrats: Securing Power across Global Politics by Klaus Larres 0.0 0 Aug 9
Blood Line - Part 1 of 3: Sometimes Tragedy Is in Your Blood (My Uncle Charlie) by Julie Shaw 0.0 0 Aug 9
Die Rebellion: Mit Feuer und Schwert, Sintflut & Pan Wolodyowski, der kleine Ritter: Historische Romantrilogie (German Edition) by Henryk Sienkiewicz 0.0 0 Feb 15
Das Leben am Hofe: Wiener Karneval, Millenium in Budapest, Skizzen aus dem Orient, Am Hofe von England… (German Edition) by Philipp zu Eulenburg 3.8 41 Feb 15
Being Indigenous in Jim Crow Virginia: Powhatan People and the Color Line by Laura J. Feller 0.0 0 Aug 8
Slavery in the Circuit of Sugar, Second Edition: Martinique and the World-Economy, 1830-1848 (SUNY series, Fernand Braudel Center Studies in Historical Social Science) by Dale W. Tomich 4.3 5 Aug 15
Tracing the Atom: Nuclear Legacies in Russia and Central Asia (Routledge Histories of Central and Eastern Europe) by Susanne Bauer and Tanja Penter 4.6 0 Feb 12
Bondage: Labor and Rights in Eurasia from the Sixteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries (International Studies in Social History Book 24) by Alessandro Stanziani 0.0 0 Jul 29
Human Rights Standards: Hegemony, Law, and Politics (SUNY series, James N. Rosenau series in Global Politics) by Makau Mutua 0.0 0 Aug 12
Designing Worlds: National Design Histories in an Age of Globalization (Making Sense of History Book 24) by Kjetil Fallan and Grace Lees-Maffei 4.7 5 Jul 29
The Birth of Yugoslavia: Complete Edition (Vol. 1&2) by Henry Baerlein 0.0 0 May 1
Feeling Political: Emotions and Institutions since 1789 (Palgrave Studies in the History of Emotions) by Ute Frevert, Kerstin Maria Pahl 0.0 0 Jul 29
Imperial Gateway: Colonial Taiwan and Japan's Expansion in South China and Southeast Asia, 1895–1945 by Seiji Shirane 3.7 9 Jun 1
The Fin-de-Siècle World (Routledge Worlds) by Michael Saler 3.8 5 Jul 29
Hidden Cities: Urban Space, Geolocated Apps and Public History in Early Modern Europe by Fabrizio Nevola, David Rosenthal 5.0 1 Apr 2
The Afterlife of the Shoah in Central and Eastern European Cultures: Concepts, Problems, and the Aesthetics of Postcatastrophic Narration (Routledge Studies in Cultural History) by Anna Artwinska and Anja Tippner 0.0 0 Jul 29
The First World Empire: Portugal, War and Military Revolution (Warfare and History) by Hélder Carvalhal , André Murteira 3.6 6 Jul 18
Science, Technology, and Medicine in the Modern Japanese Empire (Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia Book 113) by David G. Wittner and Philip C Brown 5.0 2 Mar 15
Political Reason and the Language of Change: Reform and Improvement in Early Modern Europe (Political Economies of Capitalism, 1600-1850) by Adriana Luna-Fabritius, Ere Nokkala 0.0 0 Apr 2
Lived Religion and Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Themes in Medieval and Early Modern History) by Sari Katajala-Peltomaa and Raisa Maria Toivo 0.0 0 Apr 17
The Routledge History of Death since 1800 (Routledge Histories) by Peter N. Stearns 0.0 0 Jun 26
The Routledge History of the Second World War (Routledge Histories) by Paul R. Bartrop 0.0 0 May 31
The Limits of Criminological Positivism: The Movement for Criminal Law Reform in the West, 1870-1940 (Routledge SOLON Explorations in Crime and Criminal Justice Histories) by Michele Pifferi 0.0 0 Feb 28
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