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Top 10 Hacking Scripts in Python: Unlocking Cybersecurity: A Practical Guide to Ethical Hacking with Python by Admin Devwebtuts 5.0 1 Jun 15
Ethical Hacking Volume 8: Network Sniffing: Techniques and Countermeasures by Charles Vance 0.0 0 Jun 15
QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023: A Step By Step Beginner's Guide to Learn All About QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023 New Features, Updates and Set Up Preferences for Small Businesses by Jason Harder 0.0 0 Jun 15
Mastering System Administration: A Comprehensive Guide for Graduate Students by Matthew Beard 0.0 0 Jun 15
Informatica Essenziale: Guida pratica per principianti (Italian Edition) by Massimiliano Saporito 0.0 0 Jun 15
Cisco Packet Tracer Implementation: Building and Configuring Networks by S. R. Jena 0.0 0 Sep 3
Data Warehouses and Electricity Consumption : Maximizing Efficiency and Sustainability by Devon Cole 0.0 0 Jun 15
imasarakikenaidougahensyuunokotuwatasigaosiemasu: koredeanatamoyoutuber (Japanese Edition) by manta 0.0 0 Jun 15
The Unofficial VeriFone MX925 Pinpad Troubleshooting Guide by Cory Cerf 0.0 0 Jun 15
Just Stickers, Cards & Bar Codes 2: Lasertrain (Helping Business Help Themselves with the Lasertrain Book 4) by Sheri Hauser 0.0 0 Jun 15
Key Excel Shortcuts Tips for Beginners: Collation by A Data Scientist having two decades experience by Dr Nath 0.0 0 Sep 3
The Microsoft Office 365 Bible: The Most Updated and Complete Guide to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, Access, and Publisher from Beginners to Advanced by James Holler 4.1 523 Sep 3
The iPhone 15 User Guide: A Comprehensive Guide To the Newest iPhone by David Copson 0.0 0 Sep 3
4-in-1! Managing Your Amazon Account Easily and Effectively:: A comprehensive guide on how to delete books from the Kindle library, cancel subscription, update/add or delete credit cards on A by H GREER 0.0 0 Dec 28
5G Unleashed: Pioneering the Next Era of Connectivity and Communication by Lazar Casper 0.0 0 Sep 3
ATAQUE AOS KINDLES: A Amazon Foi Hackeada. Os Kindles Estão Em Perigo. Será Que A Sua Equipe Conseguirá Salvá-la? (IA FILMES Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition) by Ronaldo Piloto and IA 0.0 0 Sep 3
Artificial Minds Unveiled: Exploring the Boundaries of Human Ingenuity and AI Evolution by NV Walker and Nabin Ghosh 0.0 0 Dec 28
Microsoft Office 365 per Principianti 2023: [9 in 1] La Guida Completa e Aggiornata per Principianti ed Avanzati | Inclusi Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, ... Teams, Access, Publisher (Ital by James Holler 4.2 118 Dec 28
Shaping the Future of IoT with Edge Intelligence: How Edge Computing Enables the Next Generation of IoT Applications (River Publishers Series in Communications and Networking) by Rute C. Sofia and John Soldatos 0.0 0 Jan 21
Microsoft SharePoint: The Most Complete and Updated Guide to Store, Organize, Share, and Access Information from Any Device by James Holler 4.1 66 Dec 28
Die Google-Workspace-Bibel: [14-in-1] Der ultimative All-in-One-Leitfaden für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene | einschließlich Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets und jede andere App von Suite (German by Robert G. Pascall 1.0 0 Feb 26
The Google Workspace Bible: [14 in 1] The Ultimate All-in-One Guide from Beginner to Advanced | Including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Every Other App from the Suite by Robert G. Pascall 4.2 126 Dec 28
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Compact Study Guide by Terry Richardson 0.0 0 Dec 28
Computer Forensics: American and European Law on Computer Forensics, Types and Techniques of Computer Attacks, Preliminary Knowledge for the Activity of a Computer Forensic Expert by Sabino Di Vietri 0.0 0 Dec 28
Making Money on YouTube and Social Media Platforms: 5 in 1 ebook - YouTube, facebook, Instagram, And TIKTOK by Mr Saleem 0.0 0 Dec 30
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