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The Plot Dot: An eight-step visual guide to plotting unforgettable fiction and writing a book readers love. (Self-Publishing Basics 1) by Derek Murphy 4.3 441 Mar 9
E-Book Formatting: How to Create an EPUB for Kindle and Other Self-Publishing Platforms (Location Independent Series 6) by Jeff Blum 4.2 18 Mar 9
A Quick Guide to Draft2Digital: How to Publish a Book in the Digital Age (Unstressed Syllables Presents) by Aaron Pogue 4.2 52 Mar 9
Logline Shortcuts: Unlock your story and pitch your screenplay in one simple sentence by Naomi Beaty 4.5 120 Mar 9
How to Learn a Foreign Language: A Practical Guide with Tips and Resources (Location Independent Series Book 1) by Jeff Blum 4.6 44 Mar 9
The Plot Thickens: 8 Ways to Bring Fiction to Life by Noah Lukeman 4.5 141 Mar 9
The Big Book of Cats: A Guide to the World’s most popular and unusual breeds (The Big Book Series) by Melanie Armijo 0.0 0 Mar 9
Writing a Book a Week: How to Write Quick Books Under the Self-Publishing Model. Write Free Book Series by Alex Foster 4.4 871 Mar 9
Why You Should Write for The Best Way to Get Readers and Make Money Blogging by Megan Holstein 4.1 23 Mar 9
Mastering Book Hooks for Authors: How to Capture Reader Attention and Book Sales in 30 Words or Less by Rob Eagar 4.5 292 Mar 9
5 Things Every First-Time Author Needs to Know: How to Publish a Book and Build Your Platform by Geoff Affleck 4.4 224 Mar 9
Why Authors Fail: 17 Mistakes Self Publishing Authors Make That Sabotage Their Success (And How To Fix Them) by Derek C. Doepker 4.2 319 Mar 9
Book Marketing is Dead: Book Promotion Secrets You MUST Know BEFORE You Publish Your Book. by Derek Murphy 4.3 499 Mar 9
Media Effects: Advances in Theory and Research (Routledge Communication Series) by Mary Beth Oliver, Arthur A. Raney 4.6 33 Mar 9
The 7 Deadly Sins of Editing: Top Editing Mistakes Writers Make (And How To Avoid Them) • PaperPolishers Editing Series, Book 1 by Kevin Mills 4.9 26 Mar 9
Is $.99 the New Free? The Truth About Launching and Pricing Your Kindle Books by Steve Scott 4.5 368 Mar 9
The Psychology of Fake News: Accepting, Sharing, and Correcting Misinformation by Rainer Greifeneder, Mariela Jaffe 4.6 329 Mar 9
Show, Don't Tell: How to write vivid descriptions, handle backstory, and describe your characters’ emotions (Writers’ Guide Series) by Sandra Gerth 4.6 1513 Mar 9
Memory Improvement: 3 books in 1: Your complete guide to learn faster with Accelerated Learning, Speed Reading and Photographic Memory by Travis O’Ryan 4.1 72 Mar 9
How to Write a Nonfiction eBook in 21 Days - That Readers LOVE! by Steve Scott 4.5 677 Mar 9
Unleashing the Power of Amazon Kindle: How to Sell Your First 1000 Copies and Get Reviews Without Breaking a Sweat and Earn $1k to $20k per Month - Speedup ... with ChatGPT (AI Writing Multip by Israel Joshua Chukwubueze 0.0 0 Mar 9
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Blueprint: Over 250 Expert Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Strategies, And Secrets For Publishing A Book Successfully To Become A Bestseller & Earn A 6-Figure Income by VAN CHUONG 0.0 0 Mar 9
Job's Body and the Dramatised Comedy of Moralising: Job’s Body and the Dramatized Comedy of “Advice” (Routledge Studies in the Biblical World) by Katherine E. Southwood 3.7 5 Mar 9
#my_marina: Le coste in Europa raccontate per immagini / European coasts through images (Italian Edition) by AA. VV. 3.7 36 Mar 9
How to Optimize Your Social Media by Barb Drozdowich 4.7 4 Mar 8
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