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Taxing the Digital Economy in Asia (Departmental Papers) by Ms. Alpa Shah, Andrew Hodge 0.0 0 Mar 24
Accelerating Innovation and Digitalization in Asia to Boost Productivity (Departmental Papers) by Mr. Tidiane Kinda, Alexandre Sollaci 0.0 0 Mar 24
Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing by Outi Niininen 0.0 0 Mar 24
Bitcoin for Beginners: Illustrated Guide To Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies by EvergreenPress Hub and Babakar Diop 4.0 592 Mar 23
Best Ways to Invest Money During COVID-19: Investing Tips During the Pandemic while you are at Home: For Investors, For Beginners, and also for Gifts (Investing in Precious Metals Book 1) by M. L. Pilgrim 3.3 14 Mar 23
Society 5.0: A People-centric Super-smart Society by Hitachi-UTokyo Laboratory(H-UTokyo Lab.) 4.2 47 Mar 22
Law, Technology and Dispute Resolution: The Privatisation of Coercion (Law, Science and Society) by Riikka Koulu 4.6 28 Mar 21
Bestseller Amazon: Come Pubblicare un Libro e Scalare le Classifiche per Essere Numero1 Bestseller su Amazon con il Protocollo di Lancio, di Prezzo e di Posizionamento SEO (Italian Edition) by Giacomo Bruno and Robert G. Allen 3.7 235 Mar 21
Autonomous Control for a Reliable Internet of Services: Methods, Models, Approaches, Techniques, Algorithms, and Tools (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Book 10768) by Ivan Ganchev, R. D. van der Mei 4.6 9 Mar 21
The Elements of Big Data Value: Foundations of the Research and Innovation Ecosystem by Edward Curry, Andreas Metzger 5.0 2 Mar 21
The Cloud-to-Thing Continuum: Opportunities and Challenges in Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing (Palgrave Studies in Digital Business & Enabling Technologies Book 5) by Theo Lynn, John G. Mooney 4.3 29 Mar 21
Starting a Business : How to become an Entrepreneur in Digital Marketing, Work from Home and Change your 9-5 Life by Aaron Claude Willad 0.0 0 Mar 21
Industry 4.0 and Regional Transformations (Regions and Cities) by Lisa De Propris and David Bailey 4.5 42 Mar 19
40 Rules for Internet Business Success: Escape the 9 to 5, Do Work You Love, Build a Profitable Online Business and Make Money Online (Internet Business Series) by Matthew Paulson 4.4 462 Mar 17
How to Make a New Product Every Day: A Guide to Creating Anything and Making More of It by George Saoulidis 3.0 7 Mar 17
Minefill 2020-2021: Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, 25-28 May 2021, Katowice, Poland by Ferri Hassani, Jan Palarski 0.0 0 Mar 14
Ganar Dinero Online en 7 Dìas: Cómo ganar dinero en Internet y crear alquileres automáticos con la Web (Spanish Edition) by Giacomo Bruno 4.2 415 Mar 12
Big Data in Context: Legal, Social and Technological Insights (SpringerBriefs in Law) by Thomas Hoeren and Barbara Kolany-Raiser 4.6 491 Mar 10
How to Target Book Bloggers for Optimum Results by Barb Drozdowich 4.3 4 Mar 9
Tech Giants, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Journalism (Routledge Research in Journalism Book 26) by Jason Paul Whittaker 4.6 145 Mar 9
Essential Guide to Making Money Online: Self-Publishing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, Online Videos, Courses, Merch, Social Media Influencer Marketing, and Retail Arbitrage by Michael Kevin 4.0 40 Mar 8
List Building Blueprint: Learn how to build a responsive email subscriber list by Bill Davis 4.4 56 Mar 8
How to Optimize Your Social Media by Barb Drozdowich 4.7 4 Mar 8
The Real Startup Book: Find the Right Product for the Right Customers by Kromatic 4.6 28 Mar 8
Kindle Self-Publishing for Beginners: Step by Step Author’s Guide to Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Books on Amazon by James Moore 4.2 17 Mar 8
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Avg 0.0 of 0 ratings - Last Verified Mar 24
Avg 0.0 of 0 ratings - Last Verified Mar 24
Avg 4.0 of 592 ratings - Last Verified Mar 23
Society 5.0: A People-centric Super-smart Society by Hitachi-UTokyo Laboratory(H-UTokyo Lab.)
Avg 4.2 of 47 ratings - Last Verified Mar 22
Avg 5.0 of 2 ratings - Last Verified Mar 21
Avg 4.5 of 42 ratings - Last Verified Mar 19
Avg 3.0 of 7 ratings - Last Verified Mar 17
Avg 4.6 of 491 ratings - Last Verified Mar 10
Avg 4.3 of 4 ratings - Last Verified Mar 9
Avg 4.4 of 56 ratings - Last Verified Mar 8
Avg 4.7 of 4 ratings - Last Verified Mar 8
Avg 4.6 of 28 ratings - Last Verified Mar 8